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    Pipe Relining

    Pipe Relining is the process of repairing a damaged section of underground pipe with little to no need for excavation. Compared to traditional dig up repairs pipe relining is considered to be non-invasive, much faster and extremely cost effective.
    The pipe relining process involves completely unblocking then thoroughly cleaning the drain with the use of the Hydro Jet high-pressure drain cleaner and drain camera inspection (CCTV). Once the drain has been completely cleaned the CCTV is once again put in the drain to make a thorough assessment of the damaged section, now the drain is ready to be relined.

    RD Plumbing Solutions

    Cost Savings over traditional excavation methods.

    If the damaged section of a drain is under concrete or paved driveway, to excavate and repair the section of the drain can be costly due to the removal and reinstatement of the concrete or driveway. Pipe relining, trenchless technology, allows the driveway to remain intact.

    Stops tree root entry to drains and prevents leaks.

    The pipe relining system involves the epoxy moulds to be set in place, forming to the shape of the existing drain. The re-lined section is free of seams or joints meaning that the tree roots no longer have an entry point, this pipe repair technique works particularly well with clay or earthenware pipes which are prone to tree root intrusion.


    Trenchless pipe relining can be carried out through an inspection opening or access point to the drains and sewers. The custom fit pipelining is pulled into position with the use of the Hydro Jet and CCTV survey meaning the whole process is fast, effective and non-invasive.
    Fantastic service from start to finish. When your home is affected by blocked drains, it’s not the nicest of situations but these guys understood from the outset and worked professionally and speedily to fix our issue and kept me informed on everything along the way. Highly recommended for all your plumbing needs.
    Simone Crawley-Prout

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    Benefits To Relining

    How It Works

    Our 6 Step Process

    Step 1: Identify the cause First we use our CCTV Drain Inspection equipment to identify the cause of the blockage. In our example here you can see the cause is tree roots, which is very common.
    Step 2: Clear the blockage Once we know where the blockage is, we then use our Hydrojet to clear the drain with a high-pressure jet and cleaning tools.
    Step 3: Insert Custom Liner and Bladder We manufacture a custom liner and bladder which is then inserted into the drain to seal and cover the damaged area.
    Step 4: Inflate the bladder Once the custom liner and bladder have been secured within the pipe, the bladder is inflated to the circumference of the existing pipe.
    Step 5: Cure the Liner and Remove the Bladder Once the liner has cured to create the new pipe, the bladder is deflated and removed. This leaves the newly created pipe in place.
    Step 6: Inspection The final CCTV inspection is carried out to confirm that the pipe is ready for use.

    Before Drain

    After Drain

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