Blocked Drain Solutions

Blocked Drain Solutions

RD Plumbing Solutions understand the inconveniences and potential health implications associated with blocked drains and blocked toilets, so we always make them a priority.

Our Master Plumbers are available for any emergency plumbing, including blocked drain emergencies. getting your drains working properly fast.

RD Plumbing Solutions unblock drains at your home, rental property or office – any drain, any time, we can help.

Our qualified master plumbers not only clear the blockage, but we ensure that the whole sewer drainage system is functioning correctly. We clean your drains to look like new.

Your RD Plumbing Solutions Master Plumber has all the latest technologies at their disposal to clear your blockage fast. This includes the Marco Drain machine, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Drain Inspection and Hydrojet Drain Cleaning.

No blockage is too big, or too hard for RD Plumbing Solutions to clear. We clear blocked toilets, blocked kitchen sinks, blocked showers, or any blocked basin. You can trust RD Plumbing Solutions to have your drains functioning the way they should be, once again.

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Russell turned a major headache into any easy fix, making me comfortable and confident of the solution. I found him reliable and professional and happily recommend him to anyone.

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Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

Hydrojet drain cleaning uses high pressure water to cut through blockages in sewer systems and stormwater drains.

The hydrojet works by using a jetter head to clear blockages while high pressure water thoroughly flushes the system clear.

RD Plumbing Solutions can use hydrojet drain cleaning to clean all pipe types and sizes. This includes all bathroom and kitchen drains, through to stormwater drains, from 40mm to 300mm.

You can trust the team at RD Plumbing Solutions to clear your blocked drains and make them look like new.

What is hydrojet drain cleaning?


Hydrojet drain cleaning involves breaking up debris in your drains, and cleaning them to look like new.

Your Master Plumber from RD Plumbing Solutions will insert a high-pressure hose into your drain. This powerful stream of high-pressure water cleans and clears your drain. It is strong enough to break down tree roots and other debris!

RD Plumbing Solutions use CCTV drain inspection so that you can see the debris. We can even provide a video of before and after.


How does hydrojet drain cleaning help?

Since the hydrojet cleans the drain, rather than just loosen blockages, it can be used to clean your drains to brand new. RD Plumbing Solution’s hydrojet equipment can remove the hardest to reach blockages, making sure that they won’t come back any time soon.

Hydrojet drain cleaning can clear a huge variety of drain blockages, including grease, hair and other debris.

After having your drain cleaned with our hydrojet, they will look brand new.

CCTV Drain Inspection

CCTV drain inspection allows RD Plumbing Solutions to fix your clogged drains.

CCTV drain inspection enables RD Plumbing Solutions‘ master plumbers to locate and pin point the “root” of the problem, and provide you with cost effective repair solutions.

Our CCTV drain inspection system allows us to provide you with a USB stick containing all the camera footage for you to view yourself.