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Hot Water Heater Servicing

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Hot Water Heater Servicing

Our reliance on hot water heaters runs much deeper than we often think. Typically, our hygiene routines and most household functions rely on the availability of hot water.

Unfortunately, like most property owners, you hardly ever pay much attention to the state of your hot water system until you suddenly do not have running hot water in your home. And when this happens, everyone panics or is greatly inconvenienced.

If you would love to avoid these frustrating situations, the best way to do this is by making hot water heater servicing a vital part of your plumbing maintenance routine.

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What Is Hot Water Servicing?

Hot water servicing refers to the system maintenance schedules needed to ensure a hot water heater keeps running efficiently for as long as possible. These manufacturer-recommended schedules are necessary to compensate for expected wear and tear when these systems are used.

What Does Hot Water Heater Servicing Entail?

While there are different types of hot water systems, whenever you call for professional hot water heater servicing, you can expect the service technicians to conduct the following:

  • Sediment flushing

Hot water systems with tanks need to be drained and flushed after every 6 or 12 months (depending on manufacturer recommendations and hot water model) to get rid of sediments that accumulate in them over time. These sediments are primarily natural-occurring minerals such as magnesium and calcium that settle to the tank’s bottom during the water heating process.

Equally, despite not having a tank, tankless hot water systems will also need to be flushed to ensure that sediment build-up within the system is washed out. The filters these water systems use will also need to be cleaned, and exterior wiped down to avoid having any dirt or debris getting inside and causing problems.

adelaide hot water system servicing
  • Anode rod replacement

The anode rod, also known as the sacrificial anode, plays an important role in a hot water tank as it attracts mineral particles present in the water through an electrochemical process. By doing this, the anode rod sacrifices itself and corrodes, extending the life of the water heater tank.

However, as soon as the anode rod gets fully corroded, it is crucial to replace it immediately. This will help prevent damages to the water heater tank and consequently having to bear the avoidable expensive costs of premature tank replacements.

  • Temperature-pressure release (TPR) valve replacement.

TRP valves are safety valves that work by releasing excessive temperature and pressure inside a water heater tank. During a hot water heater servicing schedule, technicians will check if these valves are properly functioning, and in case they don’t work, ensure they are replaced.

Remember, these little devices always need to be functioning efficiently, as once they stop working, they can cause your water heater to blow up, which is hazardous to your family and home.

hot water system servicing adelaide

Benefits of Hot Water Heater Servicing

Properly scheduled hot water serving will offer you many benefits, mainly:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Energy Savings

Hot water heater servicing restores the standard functionality of your hot water system enabling it to keep running efficiently. As a result, your hot water system will not have to keep overworking to deliver hot water, reducing how much energy the system consumes and your overall utility bills.

  1. Prolonged Lifespan of the Hot Water Heater

Timely hot water servicing will have your water heater running efficiently as a professional will regularly check the entire system and ensure everything is in check. This way, your water heater will always be in tip-top shape, which goes a long way in prolonging your system’s lifespan. For example, if your water system has a lifespan of 10 years with proper servicing and maintenance, you could use it for longer without needing to replace it.

  1. Cost Savings and Avoiding Unexpected Breakdowns

A neglected hot water system will consume a lot of energy as it overworks to deliver hot water and cost you more in hot water repairs as you will have lots of worn-out parts. You will also have to bear being without hot water for some time due to unexpected breakdowns, which only makes your life much harder.

On the other hand, a hot water system that is always serviced at the right time offers maximum return on investment as the system will hardly ever break down or consume a lot of energy while operating.

adelaide hot water heater servicing

Signs that Your Hot Water Heater Needs Servicing

Hot water heaters, like any other mechanical system, will show signs that their efficiency is lowering, and as the owner, you need to be aware of these tell-tale indications. Here are the signs that show your water heater requires servicing:

  1. Decreased hot water supply or inadequate temperature.

This is the easiest problem to notice as we all know how much hot water supply a heater provides and at what temperature. Any decrease points to an underlying problem, most commonly sediment build-up, which makes the heating elements less effective.

  1. Unusual noises or leaks from the system

Your hot water heater should not provide weird sounds while running. Instead, you should hear a soft buzzing sound. As such, if you hear cracking, popping, or banging noises, it is time to call a professional for inspection and servicing.

  1. Fluctuations in water temperature

Inconsistent water temperature is a sign of a water heater struggling to heat water, most probably due to sediment build-up. If this is the case, a technician will flush your hot water system, restoring its ability to heat water efficiently.

  1. Foul odour or discoloured water

Excessive sediment build-up in a hot water tank can create a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive, leading to a foul smell and cloudy water. Equally, tank and pipe corrosion after your anode rod is fully corroded can also lead to rusty water, which is unsafe for use.

  1. Higher energy bills without any other explanation

If your energy bills keep rising without any reasonable explanation, it could be time to check the status of your water heater, as it is among the appliances that account for a good percentage of your energy consumption. A hot water system that has not been serviced for a while will need more energy to heat water as it is working harder than before.

Hot Water Heater Servicing Made Easy 

You need an uninterrupted hot water supply for many daily activities, from showering and cleaning to cooking and washing dishes. Therefore, it is imperative to have a properly functioning water heater system, and the only way to guarantee this is by scheduling annual hot water heater servicing.

In Adelaide and its surrounds, RD Plumbing Solutions is a tried, tested, and proven team of plumbing specialists who have been providing hot water servicing for decades. Say goodbye to inconveniences caused by hot water heaters that have not been serviced by calling 5-star rated experts on 0422902890 or contacting us online for prompt, friendly, and affordable plumbing solutions.

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