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How an Adelaide Plumber Can Help Prepare You For An Adelaide Summer

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How an Adelaide Plumber Can Help Prepare You For An Adelaide Summer

Recent Adelaide summers have brought record-breaking temperatures, which occasionally soared to 45 degrees. Experts expect these trends to continue, which begs the question: are you fully prepared for the coming heat?

Your plumbing needs to be in good condition (meaning no blocked drains, leaking taps or burst pipes) before this weather arrives. Life-threatening problems need to be prevented by inspecting for leaks, low water pressure and more. Thankfully, RD Plumbing Solutions is here to help keep you safe and comfortable in the hottest of times.

No one enjoys plumbing maintenance but being proactive with your heatwave preparation can give you the peace of mind you need. We want to help you get ready for the intense heat that’s around the corner. This article will help you pinpoint the crucial steps to take while you’re preparing for the Adelaide summer.

Consider a Home Inspection

Thirsty? Want to take a Shower? Need to make dinner?

It’s easy to overlook the many uses we have for water in the household. Water is an essential part of our everyday activities just as much as electricity is.

RD Plumbing Solutions, expert plumbers and gas fitters, can inspect your home and stop a small problem from becoming a disaster by inspecting and repairing every aspect of your residential plumbing including pipes replacement, gutter plumbing, burst drains and fitting leaking to name a few. Why risk allowing a huge problem to spring up unexpectedly? From checking fundamental components of your plumbing system (taps, pipes, water pressure, hot water heater etc.) to ensuring absence of major issues (eg. leaking or blocked pipes) there’s a lot that your local highly trained plumber can do for you!

Remember: the sooner a repair is diagnosed the faster the repair can take place. Procrastinating taking action on leaks, low water pressure or plumbing problems can lead to expensive (or even dangerous) problems down the road.

During the Adelaide summer, the high-temperature levels make your water even more important to survival. Your home’s water absolutely has to be able to run efficiently. Losing access to running water can quickly turn an inconvenience into a dangerous situation.

Be Sure to Stay Hydrated!

Properly functioning plumbing is a great start but it doesn’t stop there. You have to closely monitor your water intake. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Drinking water helps our body maintain a healthy balance of fluids.

Water is also responsible for our kidney functions. Did you know our kidneys have a very important job? Our kidneys work hard, with the help of water, to transport waste products. Harmful toxins are filtered out of our body through our kidneys.

Call an Adelaide plumber immediately if you aren’t getting enough water due to a leak or poor water pressure! Getting in touch with a plumber is urgent because insufficient water intake can have serious medical consequences. In fact, as Andrew Gissing and Lucinda Coates of Macquarie University recently pointed out in a public announcement, heatwaves are Australia’s deadliest natural hazard.

Hot temperatures cause our body to try to retain whatever water we have and without enough water intake, our bodies will not be able to properly circulate blood, digest nutrients or maintain proper temperatures. Also, our kidneys will no longer function properly. Improper kidney functions can have painful side effects like kidney stones.

Protect Your Home

Fires run rampant during the hot dry summer. Of course, complete fire bans are present to protect businesses and residents alike but you still need to be prepared in the event of a fire. This is yet another important reason why having a fully qualified expert plumber inspect your home for fire season is a wise idea.

You also need to make sure you are ready to take action if a fire occurs. Fires cause an immense amount of damage in a small amount of time. Without immediate action, a controllable burst of fire can explode into a ferocious field of flames. Water sources like your taps and hoses need to be inspected, a plumber repairs leaking to ensure adequate water pressure that can be the difference between a problem and a disaster. If a fire breaks out near your home, you’ll at least have a chance to minimise the damage. Of course, keeping a working fire extinguisher on hand is also crucial!

Adelaide Plumber Pre-Summer Inspection

Losing access to water during the peak of summer can be catastrophic. Make sure you are prepared by securing your water sources. All of your plumbing needs to be in tip-top condition and a pre-summer inspection by RD Plumbing Solutions is the best way to ensure this.

Preparing for the intense heat is the best way to prevent anything bad from happening. Our pre-summer inspection services include checking for leaks, leaking pipes, inspecting taps, water pressure testing and checking for blockages.

Maybe you have older (independent parents) and you’d like to arrange for us to do an audit of their plumbing before things start getting too hot? Schedule an Adelaide plumber to come and inspect all of the aspects of their plumbing.

Adelaide Emergency Plumber Services

We understand that emergencies happen. RD Plumbing Solutions can maintenance metropolitan Adelaide day or night and offer a 24 hour Emergency Plumbing service with highly qualified plumbers. You can call us on 0422 902 890, our Adelaide plumbers are available for emergency requests and can replace 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Whether you need someone to look at a gas leak or gas fitting, we have a gas plumber who can attend site at short notice. We can even repair or replace your hot water system should the need arise.

Contact us today and get ahead of the heat!  Stay on top of your plumbing needs. We can  schedule your inspection or answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you stay cool this summer.

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