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Block Drain Repair Methods

Drain blockages may occur suddenly and cause water leaks and property damage if not addressed. In extreme circumstances, clogged drains may cause burst pipes, which can be expensive.

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The Strangest Items Found While Drain Cleaning

The majority of people tend to treat their drains as garbage bins and wash down things that do not belong in there. Although the only thing that should ever go down your kitchen drain is liquid and the only thing that should really go down your toilet drain is toilet paper,

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Why Are My Pipes Noisy?

Hammering noises coming from your pipes can be more than a tad disturbing. Knocking, clunking, thunking, thumping – that noisy faucet or thudding tap may have you thinking there’s a naughty ghost living in your plumbing system!

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5 Common Plumbing Problems that People Ignore

Let’s face it: there is nothing at all pleasant about sticking your hands in dirty water or unclogging a drain. Unfortunately, these things must be done if you want to avoid much larger problems down the road–problems that tend to cost a whole lot more and be much messier.

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