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The Strangest Items Found While Drain Cleaning

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The Strangest Items Found While Drain Cleaning

The majority of people tend to treat their drains as garbage bins and wash down things that do not belong in there. Although the only thing that should ever go down your kitchen drain is liquid and the only thing that should really go down your toilet drain is toilet paper, blocked drain plumbers come across all sorts of strange and weird things inside drains and sewers that makes for an interesting reading material!

Importance of Drain Cleaning

Most people forget about drains or drain cleaning until a clogged drain occurs causing water back-ups and blockages. If your drain problem doesn’t seem like a serious issue, think twice. Overlooked blocked drains can be a terrible mistake and can turn into a significant problem if not tackled properly. Before things go out of hand make sure to address the issue effectively and without any delay. The best thing to do is to call one of our professional Adelaide blocked drain plumbers. We use the latest tools and methods to inspect the insides of your drains and find out the root cause of your smelly, blocked drains and fix it for good.

  1. Keeps Pipes Running Smoothly And Reduce Damage: The build-up of chemicals, grease, debris, scum and other materials in your pipes can eventually lead to pressure build-up, corrosion and leaks. Properly maintained pipes can last decades with little or no problems. You can avoid most drain clogs and a subsequent plumbing emergency by having your drains cleaned regularly by one of our professional blocked drain plumbers.
  2. Remove Unpleasant Drain Odours: Even with a minor clog, you could have organic matter like hair, scum, soap, fats, grease, food particles and debris stuck in the pipes. Drain cleaning eliminates these organic elements from the pipes and decreases or completely gets rid of the foul odours. You can take a shower or wash your dishes without having to worry about the nauseating smell emanating from your drains.
  3. Reduces the Chances of a Future Clog + Increase The Life Of Your Drains & Pipes: Don’t let your slow drains turn into major blockages as it can not only be a huge inconvenience but also put pressure on your plumbing system. By having your drains cleaned regularly, you don’t get clogs and never have to worry about a sewage backup or stubborn blockages!
  4. Saves You $$$$ And Time: One of the biggest reasons why people don’t consider drain cleaning by a professional plumber is because of the cost. What homeowners don’t realise is the cost of regular drain cleaning is so affordable as compared to the costs of drain repairing and water damage caused by blocked drains. Also, clogs can lead to leaks and the cost is as large as the inconvenience to repair it properly. Hence, proper drain cleaning done by your local plumber is a great way to save time, hassle and money in the long run.

Weirdest Things In Drains & Sewers

Pipe, sewer, or drain cleaning tales from an average plumbing technician aren’t uncommon. You’ll probably hear stories of found dentures, toys, jewellery, or similar items. Check out these weirdest things ever found in pipes or the sewers around the world:

  1. Alligator Found In Florida’s Sewers: The stories about alligators in sewers is true in Tampa, Florida’s sewers! An alligator 14ft in length has been found in a sewer in Tampa dating back to June 2016.
  2. A Cow: This story takes us to China where a farmer who couldn’t find his cow. After searching everywhere when he gave up people found the cow in a sewer drain! Thanks to the mooing the cow was found, rescued, and brought back home. No one could figure out how the cow got in the sewer, and it still remains a moo-stery.
  3. A Live Civil War Cannon Shell: Many city sewer systems rely on really old mains where antique oddities may be found. During an excavation in Vicksburg, Mississippi, plumbers uncovered a live Civil War cannon shell, most likely left behind after the city was bombarded in 1863. They had to call specialists from the Army to remove the shell.

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